Solo Show London Dates

Paul Kerensa and Rob Thomas double-bill of brand new solo shows...


9th May, The Miller, London Bridge. DONE AND DUSTED. Went well. 50-odd there.

18th June, The Cavendish Arms, Stockwell. 8pm - 10pm, DONE AND DUSTED. Was a hoot!

9th July, Haslemere Comedy Festival, 3.50-4.50pm, tickets here. (PK is at 2pm)

14th - 17th August, Camden Comedy Club, Camden, 6.30-7.30pm, Camden Comedy Festival, tickets here

23rd September, Museum of Comedy, Holborn. 7pm-9.30pm, tickets £10 here .


Show 1: Paul Kerensa - NAVELLESS GAZING. 

Paul has no bellybutton. Never had one. What’s the point? He keeps his fluff in his pockets. In a world of innies and outies – Paul’s a smoothie. Hear tales of bellybuttonlessness, step-bladders and comedy’s last taboo: the new C-word.  From the British Comedy Award-winning writer for BBC’s Miranda, Not Going Out, Top Gear, C4’s TFI Friday, R4’s The Now Show and Dead Ringers.


‘One of the most amiable around, uniquely left-of-field, introducing concepts that a lot of his peers couldn’t even imagine.’ **** Chortle

 ‘Ingenious’ Evening Standard

 ‘His mastery of his comic art is first-rate’ Metro

Show 2: Rob Thomas - CALLBACK. 

Rob learns from his mistakes, usually about two seconds after he’s made them. In a show unlike no other, Rob gets the chance to right past wrong's, like the apostrophe in “wrongs” just then. Also "unlike no other" is a double-negative. It should be "like no other". This is going well. If I'm not careful I'll hit the character lim

‘Best performer on the night, superior physical presence’ Bruce Dessau

‘Relentless physicality’ Yorkshire Times

‘Very funny, natural with refreshing warmth’ Matt Forde, Unspun