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I'm a quirky, upbeat story-telling comedian. I'm a committed Christian and my set is not 'Christian jokes' per se but is of course clean and family-friendly, and a small portion of my set gently pokes fun at church and church culture.  It is not an evangelistic or gospel presentation, but I am happy to be interviewed at the end of the set and talk honestly about my personal faith.  Amongst other things I have performed at hundreds of UK churches, as a solo show and also with other well-known Christian acts such as Andy Kind, Tony Vino, Paul Kerensa, Steve Legg, Milton Jones, John Archer and Mark Palmer.  I've performed at New Wine (North and South), Big Church Day Out, Greenbelt, Spring Harvest, The Gathering, Methodist National Lay Workers Conference (North and South) and Methodist Youth Conference (3Generate) amongst others.  I hosted the Clean (As Possible) Comedy show at the Edinburgh Fringe 2015, and opened and headlined the Clean as Possible show at the Leicester Comedy Festival 2016 and 2017.  I am also a regular on the normal secular circuit and have performed at the Comedy Cafe, Comedy Store, Covent Garden Comedy, Up The Creek and more and was a regular on TALK Radio doing newspaper reviews.  And of course, I write for SORTED!

To get in touch re. fees, bookings and videos of my set, or for more information please email me at or by text on 07966 845281.  I will respond promptly and have a number of unedited videos to different styles of audience that I can send you.  I can also help your company or charity source well-known acts for your fundraising night - check out this testimonial from Alcohol Concern, this from Wellspring Watford and this from the Rev. Mark Melluish.



WINNER Leicester Comedy Festival UK Pun Championships 2018

Evening Standard's Critic's Choice for Camden Fringe show 'CALLBACK' 2017
SECOND PLACE £500 winner Leicester Square Theatre's Old Comedian of the Year Award 2017

SECOND PLACE in final of UK Pun Championships (Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival) 2015 
FINALIST Reading Comedy Festival New Act 2014
FINALIST Montreux Comedy Festival Regional (UK) 2014 and 2015

Leicester Comedy Festival Best Poster (!) Nominee 2018
TV studio-warm up for Managing Mayhem production

Live newspaper reviews for TALK Radio and PREMIER Radio
WINNER x 2 Comedy Café new act night 2013 
FINALIST Up The Creek “One To Watch” 2013 
FINALIST Comedy Virgins Max Turner Prize 2013 

Regular MC and booker at Ha Ha Hassocks 2017-2018
Resident MC and booker at Redemption Comedy Club 2015 ( 
Regular MC and booker at Crown Comedy 2012-2014 

MC and promoter Hungry Miller’s Comedy Laughbag 2011-2013

MC Clean As Possible Comedy Show, Edinburgh Fringe 2015 and Leicester Comedy Festival 2016 and 2017



short blurb for posters:


Rob Thomas is a storytelling comedian with a razor-sharp wit and quirky physicality, described by the Yorkshire Times as “a triumph!” and the Guardian’s Bruce Dessau as “the strongest performer of the night, with a superior physical presence”.

London Evening Standard's Bruce Dessau:  Evening Standard's Critic's Choice for Camden Fringe "Engaging Oddball"  “The best performer on the night.” “Superior physical presence.”  "The sharpest, smartest, self-contained routine of the night" "With his unruly hair and neat rug-pulling observations Thomas had something of the early Jasper Carrott about him" "Conventional with a twist" , 2 reviews ( and

Steve Bennett, Chortle: "Rob Thomas was one of the more intriguing personalities on the night, possessing a wide-eyed comic befuddlement that stressed the surrealism of some of his odder lines." "very strong payoffs" "crowd-pleaser" "slick style" "undeniably well-delivered" 2 reviews ( and

Leicester Mercury "Knockout lines" "A truly puntastic winner" "Had us in stitches"

Brighton Source "His sketch about his short-lived career as a late-night DJ had the audience in tears" "rapid-fire mental connections" "put simply, Rob Thomas is vastly engaging" "the writing is thoughtful and cleverly sequenced" see review here
Martin Mullaney, Cheeky Monkey Comedy: “What a great compere. His audience interaction was excellent and his gags were superb."

Evening Standard: “Rob Thomas whipped up the sober crowd with his jokes”

Matt Forde: “Very funny, natural with refreshing warmth”

Sabotage Magazine "Rob was the best punner on the night and clearly understood the importance of a clean, clear set up as well as the killer punchline"

Trevor Lock: “Expertly compered”

TheCreativeIntrovert: "I was basically in hysterics. And I mean hysterics: laughing and crying." (

long blurb for posters:

Rob Thomas is a storytelling comedian with a razor-sharp wit and quirky physicality. The Guardian’s Bruce Dessau called him “strongest performer of the night” with a “superior physical presence” and The Yorkshire Times deemed him “a triumph!” with “tremendous physicality”. Rob has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe and is as comfortable in a packed theatre as he is in a local pub. He won the UK Pun Championship in front of 1200 people in 2018 and was the London Evening Standard's Critic's Choice for his 2017 solo show. In short, he’s funny.



"Rob Thomas from London was the first programmed act to take the stage and he did so with infectious energy bordering on mania. His material, ranging from his upbringing in Anglesey to the products on offer in Aldi, was marvellously honed and the laughs came thick and fast, but it was his boundless animation that really kept the stage alight. Judicious use of props added variety to the onslaught of verve, with tremendous, relentless physicality that put me in mind of Jeremy Vine on election night after eighteen Red Bulls and a double espresso. His finale piece, a denouncement of modern TV themes, was a triumph that had the audience creased up without respite for no mean length of time." (

"Rob Thomas had some strong post-Brexit banter. What looked like a throwaway line about French phrases that will be outlawed when we leave the EU turned into the sharpest, smartest, self-contained routine of the night. With his unruly hair and neat rug-pulling observations Thomas had something of the early Jasper Carrott about him. Conventional but with a twist and thoroughly deserving of second place and a £500 cheque." Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke. 

"Following was the almost cartoon-like Rob Thomas.

Thomas was the runner up in the old Comedian of they Year competition this year and his experience shone through.  His unkempt hair, large eyes and gangling appendages makes him instantly likeable to the audience and his material keeps that feeling going.

He’s funny and clever and the physicality of his set was first rate.  If you have the opportunity to see him live, go, his cereal bit will have you gasping for breath." The Hersham Hub

"As anyone who’s seen him before will know, Rob Thomas is an extremely energetic comedian with long limbs and wild eyes, and a propensity to leap around which, considering we’re in a venue made from a small, low-ceilinged shipping container, ensures rapt attention from the audience throughout. Put simply, Rob Thomas is vastly engaging." "On the whole, the writing is thoughtful and cleverly sequenced, the puns are groan-worthy, and the physical comedy sketches see him practically bouncing off the walls: this is a comedian who pretty much forces you to laugh along, particularly in the parts where he’s on the move. The sketches about TV theme tunes and his short-lived career as a late-night house DJ have the audience in tears." Brighton Source